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Brides and their Mothers

Tips and Advice

Photo Credit: Geoff Duncan 

Photo Credit: Geoff Duncan 


Your wedding day is a special occasion that your mother has been thinking about, and secretly planning in her head, for years. Once you become engaged, your well-intentioned mother may not realize that her daily phone calls asking what she can do are not helpful. Navigating the wedding planning process is not always the easiest task, and with an overly helpful mom, it may be a little tougher. Read on to see how you and your mom can work together to create a beautiful wedding day.

Once you are engaged and wedding planning has begun, discuss with mom about what type of wedding you want and the details you are looking to create. Keep mom informed so she does not feel left out.  Once you and your fiancé have narrowed down vendors, ask your mother to come to the meetings with you and help make a final decision. She may bring up a few points that you may not have thought about yet. Asking mom’s advice will help her feel included in your planning process.

When your mother pushes a style on you that you may not be crazy about, try and compromise with her. If there is a detail you do not particularly have an interest in, let mom win that battle.  However, if you feel adamant about a particular aspect of the wedding, discuss with mom and let her know how you feel and why, so she can understand why you feel the way you do. Let your mother know that you value her opinion and will consider her ideas. Listen to her designs and find small ways to incorporate them into your wedding.

Photo Credit: Smith Kyle Photography 

Photo Credit: Smith Kyle Photography 

Your mom is very excited for you and wants everyone to see you on your wedding day; meaning she wants your second cousins from Idaho, who you have only met twice in your lifetime, to be invited to the wedding. If you and your fiancé are seeking for a smaller, intimate wedding, explain to your mom that the venue you have chosen cannot physically hold the extra-added guests she is looking to invite. Suggest that your parents host a small post-wedding reception after you have returned from your honeymoon.    

Reva Goujon, one of Ma Maison’s past brides, offers her advice for parents on your wedding day, “This is a day that is much about your parents as it is about you. With that understanding going in, you’ll be a lot better prepared to make compromises and pay your respects along the way. “ Ma Maison would love to show you and your mom our stunning wedding venue located on 23 acres of Texas Hill Country.  


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