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Top Five Bridal Beauty Tips

Tips and Advice

After your engagement, the only thing that you begin to obsess about is planning the wedding, but you mustn’t forget to focus on yourself as well! Here are some bridal beauty tips that will have you looking your very best!

1. Have Routine Manicures

Now that you’re engaged everyone will be looking at your gorgeous ring! Routine manicures will keep your hands looking beautiful and it’ll also allow you to change up your nail color to find the perfect hue for you wedding day!

2. Get Your Teeth Whitened

Make sure your pearly whites are ready for your big day! Whether you buy a whitening kit from the store or decide to get them professionally whitened be sure to plan to brighten your smile!

3. Get Facials

Facials really do make a difference! They make your skin smooth, clear, and firm. 6 months before your wedding day start scheduling monthly facials. With so many different options available, be sure to consult with a professional to decide the best option for your skin type.

4. Get Some Sun (or the spray)

Wearing a white gown can wash you out, which is why you should get bronze for your wedding day! You can sit out by the pool and soak in some sun, or get a spray tan. (Just be sure to tan way in advance and gradually build up your color, the last thing you want to look like is an oompa loompa!)

5. Eat Healthy & Drink Water

Planning your wedding is stressful for both your mind and body. Be sure to eat healthier and drink plenty of water, doing so will keep your skin, hair, and body healthy and beautiful!


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