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Tips for Seating Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Tips and Advice

wedding reception

Your wedding reception will be quite the celebration! You have just tied the knot, and it will now be time to embrace the commitment that you have made to your partner. What could be more exciting than that?

Top Ways to Transform Your Wedding Reception Space

With close friends and family members by your side, you will certainly enjoy your festivities! However, in order for everyone to really be pleased as they take part in your reception, you will want to ensure that they are satisfied with their seats.

We understand that importance of creating an ideal wedding seating chart! That’s why, here at Ma Maison, we have gathered some tips to assist you with developing yours. If you are ready to learn what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Seating Singles. You will most likely have an array of single guests attending your wedding. While playing “match-maker” may seem like a good idea, now is just not the time to do so! Avoid placing all of the single guests at one table, and instead place a couple at each. This way, your single attendees don’t feel awkward or out of place.
  • For the Children. If you are planning to have children attend your wedding, let them experience some fun at their seats! By creating a table just for the kids, filled with coloring books, games, glow sticks, and other fun activities, you can ensure that they are entertained at your reception.
  • The Parents. Are your parents still married? Or, do they get along with one another? If so, it would be best to sit them together, along with your partner’s parents. However, if this would impose any sort of conflict, consider seating them at a table with their children or other immediate family members.
  • Your Bridal Party. With an array of bridesmaids and groomsmen supporting you on your big day, it would be best to sit with them during your wedding reception at what is known as a “head table”. However, if you plan on sitting at your own “sweetheart table”, it would still be ideal to have your bridal party sit together.

Seating your wedding guests doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, if you utilize these tips, you can seat yours with ease.

Ways to Create a Glamorous Wedding

If you are still seeking the perfect location to host your own big day, please contact us here at Ma Maison, a wedding venue in Dripping Springs, Texas. With much elegance and beauty to present you with, we would be honored with the opportunity to be your Austin wedding venue.


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