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All About First Looks


All About First Looks: First looks are a fairly new tradition in the wedding world.


The big buzz used to be all about the anticipation of seeing your love the moment you head down the aisle. We love the tradition but we are also total suckers for this new notion of first looks.


Now, when you hear the term first look, you probably think about your soon to be spouse. BUT did you know you can do first looks with all kinds of people?


Today we wanted to break down the celebration of first looks and how you can do so many on your wedding day!


All About First Looks: All the options


First look with your bridesmaids — we love this one because we specifically thought about this very moment when we were building our Bridal Suite here at Ma Maison. With the dramatic sliding of the big doors in the suite, you can have that wow moment with your gals before anyone else sees you! Your friends will swoon and it’ll be a moment you never forget.


First look with Mom — wedding days are such a big deal for moms. We love it when brides give their moms a little special moment by letting them help them get dressed and showcasing their look privately, even before the bridesmaids! It is a moment your mother will cherish and it also makes for super special pictures.


First look with Dad — that song, “I loved her first” is ringing in our ears as we write this. Dads sure do love their daughters and giving Dad that special moment where he gets to see you ahead of the ceremony is such a sweet one. The pride and love will ooze and it’ll be a moment you are so glad you experienced.


First look with siblings/younger bridal party — if you are close to your siblings or have flower girls or ring bearers in the wedding, this is a sweet moment to capture too. The excitement of seeing the bride for the first time is such a big deal and these people will be so happy to be included in the first looks too if you decide it’s something you want to do.


First look with Grandparents — sometimes just being at the wedding is a big deal for grandparents so it is always extra special when they are included in the festivities. Think about letting them see you before the wedding and giving them a little extra love. They will be so happy and so honored you thought of them.


First look with your Spouse to be — the big one! If you decide to do this first look ahead of the ceremony, we certainly believe it is full of good vibes not any bad luck! It is a nice moment the two of you can share before the ceremony plus it may calm any nerves you have before walking down the aisle! It’s a great moment to also privately share vows and exchange wedding day gifts if you so choose. 


Now you know All About First Looks. So with all these ideas, we’re curious… Where do you stand? Are you all about the old tradition of waiting to walk down the aisle, or are you all about this new first look idea?


Need more ideas for the first look? Take a look at this great article from Vibe Garden. It’s a good read!


Let us knows!


Until then, cheers to you and cheers to love!

The MM Team


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