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Advice from Past Ma Maison Brides

Tips and Advice

Photo Credit: Kristi Wright Photography 

Photo Credit: Kristi Wright Photography 


When planning your wedding, you rely on advice from your family and friends who have gone through the same process. At times, you may get discouraged and frustrated. Here at Ma Maison, we are your friends offering up advice from past brides in hopes that you can avoid some of the wedding planning blues.

Amy High got married at Ma Maison on Friday, March 18th of 2016. She suggests, “Get started early-the big things such as venue, floral, and cake tend to book quickly in Austin. It helps to really dive right in and share every inspiration you have with vendors to be able to choose which is your bet fit. Lastly, and most importantly, Enjoy being engaged.  Richard and I have put that as our first priority and it has made the process successful and fun!”

After you choose your venue, Holly Sadler advises brides to focus on a few certain things, “Find the three most things about your wedding that are most important to you (bride and groom). Work toward making those things a reality and try to let other things go. If you have a short engagement, learn to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ quickly. During the planning process, invest in the future life you will have with your spouse more than you invest in your wedding day.”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Hunter-Drago 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Hunter-Drago 

To not get behind in the wedding planning process, past Ma Maison bride, Allison Ellis advises, “It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in planning. Try and delegate things out if you can. And enjoy the engagement time- remember you are getting married at the end and that’s the best part.”

While going through the planning, to keep the wedding from getting bigger than you, Erin Knowles who got married with us on February, 13th of 2016, offers this advice to engaged couples, “Premarital counseling!!! It is the best thing you can do for your relationship and to keep everything in perspective.”

Photo Credit: Haley Rynn Ringo Photography 

Photo Credit: Haley Rynn Ringo Photography 

After spending months preparing for your wedding day, it is finally here. Ma Maison’s first Halloween wedding with Melanie Mann in 2015 has this to say about your wedding day, “Focus on each other. Don’t let the day or family or the dress or the friends get bigger than the two of you. This is probably the most money you will ever spend on one day which can bring a lot of pressure because you are spending all this money things better be perfect right, but you are really spending all this money to honor something that is already pretty damn perfect. The two of you. The rest is icing on the cake as they say.”

Planning a wedding can get very stressful. Ma Maison is here to help brides get through the process with fewer tears and frustration. We offer suggestions and our expertise to help couples navigate their way to their wedding day.  


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