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5 Unexpected Reception Disasters


No matter how much you plan for the Big Day, accidents and “disasters” can still happen – and it is more than recommended that you prepare for the worst-case scenarios too. Following, we have gathered 5 of the most commonly unexpected reception disasters – so read on and find out more about how you can handle them as gracefully as possible.

·         The cake is late. If your cake arrives later than planned, you shouldn’t despair. Simply ask your photographer to quickly shoot a picture of the cake before it is cut and then have your Cutting of the Cake moment as planned.

·         Bad weather. No matter what you do, you cannot control weather. However, rain on a wedding day should not feel like the end of the world. On the contrary, actually. Embracing the rain and shooting some beautiful pictures with a pair of stylish umbrellas can add a unique touch to your wedding photos. Take care of the dress and make sure it doesn’t get wet, though. Also, make sure you include a plan B in case you want to have an outdoor wedding.

·         Naughty kids. Sure, children can be a true joy at a wedding, but they can also get quite impatient and rambunctious as well. Keep them nice by providing them with plenty of fun activities. Also, hiring a magician and/or a sitter can be a really great thing to do as well.

·         Extra guests. There’s quite a probability that people who haven’t RSVPd will show up to the wedding. And there’s also the possibility that people show up with +1s, even though their invitations specified nothing of the sort. In such cases, the best thing to do is to have some extra meals and chairs planned – just to make sure nobody will have to feel unwelcomed.

·         Too much alcohol. If you choose to serve alcohol at your wedding (and even more so if you choose to have an open bar), make sure you are ready to face guests who’ve had one too many. Have the Best Man and his groomsmen keep an eye on those who might have had too much to drink (and make sure they are safely sent home before they become prone to any kind of accidents).

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