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4 Wedding Day Lucky Charms


With your wedding right around the corner, you must be feeling like the luckiest person in the world. After all, you are getting married with the person you love and you are hopeful and dreamy for your life together. And while you are most certain that your marriage will be great, you might still want to keep some wedding day lucky charms with you. What are some of the most popular ones? We have gathered them below – so read on and inspire yourself.

·       Horseshoes. This tradition is borrowed from the Celts, but even in the modern US, there are many people who believe horseshoes bring good luck – so, if you plan on having a rustic-inspired wedding, this motif will be more than great.

·       Family heirloom. Not only will a family heirloom add a very sentimental touch to your wedding day, but it can also bring you good luck. Your family member’s blessing, along with the “something old” power this charm would have will both bring you good luck.

·       Sixpence in your shoe. If you remember the old saying “Something old, something new”, you might remember that it ended with “…and a sixpence in your shoe”. Most brides stick to the first four parts of this tradition and forget about the fifth – but you might want to try it.

·       Rainy Day. You may think that having a rainy wedding day is the worst thing that could happen – but, in reality, this is considered to bring good luck – so your weather forecast may not be as bad as it seems.

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