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4 Simply Awesome Texas Hill Country Wedding Ideas


If Texas has a heart, some may say it resides in Hill Country. For a state that’s almost completely covered in dust, this lush wildflower haven certainly gives the rest of the U.S. a run for its scenery. Quaint small towns, groves of oaks trees, wild pastures, wineries, rolling hills split down the middle by majestic rivers, sunsets on full blast over back country roads—should we keep going?

It’s no wonder brides and grooms flock from miles away to enjoy a wedding in the natural wonderland of Texas. If you’re currently daydreaming about Hill Country and need inspiration for your wedding, take a look at some of the ideas we’ve put together.

Chic Ranch Style

A ranch-style wedding is a flexible theme that lends a whole lot of creativity to the soon-to-be-wed couple. Barrel tables, antlers, barnyard doors, horses, cowboy boots, centerpieces with cacti and wild blooms—you can go heavy on the Western décor or envision your own rendition.

Food is a good way to set the tone of any wedding. No ranch-style wedding would be complete without farm-to-table options, a taco bar or perhaps some good old Southern whiskey. There’s an endless number of possibilities here. We’ve seen platters arranged with chicken and waffle bites and tables covered in pecan pies.

Chicken and Waffle Bites

Chicken & Waffle Bites by Crave Catering | Brio Photography

When it comes to entertainment, treat your guests to a game of horseshoes or let them show off their best western dance moves. There’s nothing more magical than watching your parents square dance.

For the Love of a Good Brew

Breweries and distilleries make for swoon-worthy wedding settings, and luckily Hill Country is full of them. Picnic tables, wood floors, brick walls, wine barrels—if you’re going for that industrial vibe, surrounded by delicious drinks and your closest family and friends, then this is an ideal theme for you!

This is where you can get crafty with your signature drinks and have fun with the drinkware. Serve them in goblets or mason jars. Just remember that you can never go wrong with a bourbon named after you.

Wine Barrels at Wedding Ceremony

AJH Photography

Intimate Gardens Scenes

If you’re going to have a garden wedding, then may we remind you that Hill Country is a literal palate of beautiful plants? Bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes and purple coneflowers are just a few wild blooms that may make an appearance on your special day, making for some gorgeous photo opportunities.

Garden weddings encourage ultimate relaxation. Complement the natural sights and smells with a little soft music—maybe something jazzy or folksy. Let your guests really sink into that dreamy garden mood.

Bluebonnets, indian paintbrushes and purple coneflowers at wedding

AJH Photography

A French Twist

Weddings inspired by the most iconic city of romance are well-loved for their class and versatility. Lacey garments, gold trimming, stone columns, fabulous French food and wine, sheer drapes, crepe bars and dimly lit chandeliers can transform your special day into a heaven on earth.

Arrange an entire table of cakes and other decadent desserts that would make Marie Antoinette proud. Live your best life with a day of plated service and antique dining ware. These settings allow guests to understand the significance of your pivotal moment.

A French Wedding Twist

Otis Photography

Enough can’t be said about a location that lends itself to so much natural beauty. If you want to hear even more reasons why Hill Country is truly one of the most romantic wedding spots, contact us!


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