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2022 Wedding Planning Tips

Tips and Advice

2022 Wedding Planning Tips


Happy New Year to you, sweet couples!!


A big hearty welcome to the Ma Maison blog! We are so glad you found us and we cannot wait to help you with a new year of wedding planning!


If you recently got engaged or are planning on a 2022 wedding, how are you feeling?

The year is here and it is time to buckle down!


Here at Ma Maison we love the planning portion of weddings almost as much as the wedding day itself so we wanted to write up some of our favorite tips for planning weddings (especially sooner than later weddings)!


Let’s get started!


Ma Maison’s Tips for 2022 Wedding Planning


Set Your Budget

Budget is everything. This will help you know how much you can spend and help you decide on where to spend it.


Secure your venue

By securing your venue, you will know your wedding date and can do all the other planning from there.


Secure your coordinator

It takes a village! Trust us when we say hiring a coordinator is something you want to do! They are the real professionals who will make planning and day of a breeze! This should absolutely be something you put your budget to!


Make a Planning Timeline

If you have a timeline of all the must to’s and when to do them, this will help you to check off all your items as you go. This is a great thing your coordinator can help with too.


Make a List of MUST HAVES

We find that making a list of must haves to be so helpful. By knowing what you must have at your wedding you are also able to know what is not as important. This way you can know what to allocate your budget to and hire vendors accordingly! Don’t forget to make your wedding day dreams come true!


Secure Your Vendors

After knowing who and what you want to hire, secure them! Amazing vendors go fast so you want to make sure you book them as fast as you can! Make sure you do your homework here too. Look at their websites, social media, and REVIEWS! 


Check Off the Big To Do Items

Don’t forget important details like food tastings, rental walk throughs, selecting your bridal party, etc. Once you get big details like this done, doing smaller items will seem more fun and certainly get you excited for the big day.


Be Aware of Deadlines

Ordering your wedding dress or buying wedding rings comes to mind for things to be aware of. Sometimes these wedding specific goods take time to come in, so make sure to plan accordingly here.


Stay On Top of Payment Schedules

It takes a lot of vendors to make a wedding day come to life. Prior to wedding day you want to make sure everyone is paid and up to date on payments so there are no negative wedding day surprises.


Enjoy this time

Don’t lose sight of what is important. You are marrying the person of your dreams! Wedding planning can be stressful. So make sure to relax, make it fun, and focus on your love and your partner. Tip: Have a date night and do some wedding planning together!

We have plenty more ideas on how to make your wedding planning process as smooth as possible, so if you need help, let the Ma Maison team know!


We wish you an amazing engagement season and would be so humbled to be a part of it!


Cheers to love and cheers to an amazing 2022!

The MM Team


*photo by Jessica Frey*


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