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10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love to Keep

Tips and Advice

Need ideas for wedding favors that your guests will love? Well, here are 10 spectacular wedding favors that they’ll love to keep! Personalize it to make it your style and pass it on to make it theirs!

1. Snack Pack: Treat your guests to a midnight snack pack. After all that dancing they’re going to need a little pick-me-up!

2. S’more in a Bag:  Not only is this inexpensive and cute, it’s also delicious! Besides, who wouldn’t want s’more love to take home? 

3. Lavender Sachet: These little sachets of lavender can be placed in a drawer or closet to keep things smelling fresh, or your guests can even use the lavender for a tea or soothing milk bath. The options are endless and your guests will love it!

4. Spice Rub: Make your signature spice rub and share it with your guests. This is perfect for your Texas wedding!

5. Texas Bluebonnet Seeds: Give your guests a little piece of Texas with Bluebonnet seeds. They can plant them and watch your love grow!

6. Succulent: These succulents are so cute and very low maintenance. They only need to be watered every few days in the summer and twice a month in the winter, so even the worst black thumbs have a chance of having a living plant!

7. Popcorn: Having a popcorn bar is so fun and allows your guests to choose their favorite flavor. Or you can skip out on the popcorn bar all together and just give out cute little bags of popcorn!

8. Shawl: These are perfect for any and every fall or winter wedding! Keep your guests bundled up with love with these favors!

9. Cookies in a Jar: Choose your (or your fiancé’s) favorite cookie and make individual cookie mix jars! Your guests will go crazy over these jars of love!

10. Couple’s Cocktail: This is a favor that absolutely no one will leave behind! Add a recipe card or a small bottle of soda and your favor is ready to go!

All of these wedding favors are little things that your guests will love to keep! Which is your favorite?


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