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The Perfect “I Dos”: A Guide to the Best Austin Wedding Venue for 2021

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The Perfect “I Dos”: A Guide to the Best Austin Wedding Venue for 2021

The majority of us (54% for men and 60% for women) only get married once in their lifetimes.

If you’re tying the knot soon, it’s very likely this will be the first and only time you will experience such a magical thing. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure everything you pick is the absolute best, including your wedding venue.

For those searching for a Dripping Springs wedding venue, look no further, as Ma Maison is the perfect place for your special day. We invite you to see everything Ma Maison can offer you, including the warmest hospitality.


We Transport You to a Different World at this Dripping Springs Wedding Venue

The owner, Karen, had been planning and coordinating weddings for years in the Austin area, and she noticed one distinct thing: there was a lack of rustic venues that had the style and grace to do weddings justice. This was exactly why she created this heavenly venue that stretches across 23 oak-covered acres.

Ma Maison is the very definition of elegance and style. Just the name itself is a reflection of our French heritage, and we so badly would love to share it with you.

Our venue is built in a stunning location where you’ll get idyllic Hill Country views. We’d like to think that when you and your partner say your “I dos”, it’ll be like a fairytale come to life.

“Ma Maison” is French for “my house,” and it’ll truly be your home away from home when you have your wedding. This is why one of the most important things we offer you is the entire 10,000-square foot venue to yourself for up to 10 hours. You won’t have even one worry about random people wandering in on your wedding, as all of Ma Maison is yours to do as you wish.


Photography by Rog August Photography


You’re Welcome to Use Any of Our Facilities

Remember how we said Ma Maison is your home away from home? It’s our pleasure to offer our entire property to you to use for your wedding purposes, whether it’s indoors or out.

We invite you to see which beautiful facilities you can utilize for your special day.


The Chapel

The newest addition to Ma Maison is the chapel, which should be fully constructed by the end of summer 2020. We know you might worry about unexpected weather on the day of your wedding, such as thunderstorms or extreme temperatures. This is why we’ve added another beautiful indoor location.

Our chapel is fantastic for those of you who want to have a more traditional wedding. It’s not a tiny chapel either, as it can seat over 300 guests comfortably, so feel free to invite everyone!

Photography by Jessica Frey Photography

The Grove

We offer you an amazing outdoor venue full of oak trees as far as the eye can see with The Grove. This is such a picturesque setting that it’s no surprise it’s one of our most popular outdoor locations. It’d be an honor for us if you’d choose this as your wedding venue.

Not only will you get a large grove of oak trees as a backdrop, but you’ll also say your vows at a charming stone altar.

Whether you have a small intimate ceremony of 6 people or a large one of 600, The Grove is a breathtaking place to join the love of your life in matrimony.

The Grove at the Ma Maison in Dripping Springs

Photography by Mint Photography

The Great Hall

The Great Hall truly lives up to its name; it’s 4,000 square feet large. Let us help you have a tasteful and elegant reception highlighted by exposed wooden beams, crystal chandeliers, private alcoves, and a cozy fireplace. You also have the use of a catering kitchen that’ll allow you to serve your guests piping hot food in an efficient fashion.

The Great Hall in Ma Maison

Photography by Christina Carroll Photography

The Green Cathedral

The Green Cathedral is a spectacular sight to behold. This lovely location features a reclaimed antique French gazebo that’s near the front entrance of Ma Maison. If you have guests who aren’t very mobile, we highly recommend that you use this space to let them rest a spell.

Like with The Grove, The Green Cathedral has lots of oaks around that provide a beautiful natural landscape.

The Green Cathedral at Ma Maison in Dripping Springs

Photography by Jessica Frey Photography

The Lake View (Lac Moise)

The Lake View is located right in between The Trellis and The Grove. We invite you to use this as a transitional space, or you can use it as your wedding or reception site. In the past it has been very popular for outdoor cocktail hours.

No matter what you choose, you’ll get a gorgeous outdoor setting that offers an exclusive view to the nearby lake.

Lac Moise at The Ma Maison

Photography by Carhart Photography

The Trellis

You’ll find The Trellis right next to The Grove, and it can also function as a transitional space or your rain plan space. Gather around with everyone for an intimate and cozy time at our stone fire pit.

From here, you can access the Bell Tower (amazing photo op! And you can ring the bell!) and the Bridal Garden.

The Trellis at the Ma Maison in Dripping Springs

Photography by Jessica Frey Photography


We’ll Customize Our Wedding Package Just for You

Having a truly unique wedding is probably something very important to you. Of course, no 2 brides will have the same exact tastes and preferences!

At Ma Maison, our professional team will listen to all your needs and put together a tailored package that’s just right for you. We even have a variety of rentals available, such as event tables, lighting, and decor pieces, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

You can count on our staff to be there for you, every step of the way.

We Have a Curated List of Quality Caterers

For your benefit, we’ve curated a list of 4 top-notch local caterers so the food at your reception is impeccable. They are:

  • Soho
  • Catering With a Twist
  • Royal Fig
  • Crave

We’ll help you schedule interviews with them to determine which is the best for your big day. No matter who you choose, they’ll execute your culinary vision with detail and deliciousness.

Ma Maison Is the Dripping Springs Wedding Venue to Choose

As you can see, we hope that Ma Maison is the perfect Dripping Springs wedding venue for you to pick. Not only can we accommodate up to 600 guests, but we’ll also work closely with you to bring your dream wedding to life.

Plus, there’s no other rustic venue in the area that’s as gorgeous and breathtaking as Ma Maison. So if you’re having an Austin wedding, be sure to keep Ma Maison in mind. Need an Austin wedding venue for 2021? Then get in touch with us now. We can’t wait to meet you and learn all about your love story.


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