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Untouched Poetry | The Language of Love


” Hill Country Lullaby” 

A foundation of heart

Opened wide like its french doors

Welcoming the sway and ballet

For souls to take gentle steps forward in love

Hand within hand. 

With the secrets of the hills

Whispering lullabies of beauty

All the flowers open with joy

As to watch so many dreams become true.

All on one divine piece of land

Intention and romance weep like the father of the bride,

Caressing a most perfect occasion

With a sweet surrender,

That says; for this most perfect day, 

You have found yourself home. 

A Poem for Ma Maison

Meet Ryan Ashley Knowles, entertainer, artist, and the talented poet behind Untouched Poetry. What started as a casual hobby of writing poems on bar napkins and pieces of paper has blossomed into a form of entertainment like no other, performance poetry. All he needs is his vintage typewriter, his “A Poem For You” sign, and a stranger with a story and he will write a custom poem that is both unique and beautiful. While he began with writing poems for strangers on the streets, brides and grooms found his amazing talent the perfect way to make their weddings especially memorable and Ryan Ashley agrees, “What makes this type of performance poetry extra special for weddings is that it is single handedly the most artistic way I have ever seen to put a customized stamp of beauty on a day and with an event that should be recognized as nothing short of poetically beautiful and original.” 

There’s something about a poem written about your unique story and personality that turns words on a paper into a heartwarming memory that will last a lifetime. It has been said that poetry is the language of love and what’s more suitable than having poetry at a wedding? As your guests help make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life, give them a gift that’s just as special. Photos can help you remember a moment, but a poem allows you to relive a memory. 

For more information about Ryan Ashley and Untouched Poetry visit his Facebook page! Thank you, Ryan Ashley, for the lovely poem and for sharing your extraordinarily beautiful talent with people everywhere!


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