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Karen’s Corner: Guest Lists

Tips and Advice

Welcome back to Karen’s Corner!

The hot subject we wanted to talk about to is, Karen’s Corner: Guest Lists


These blogs are devoted to wedding tips from the one and only Mama Bear of Ma Maison.


Today we are talking about the importance of guest lists and how to tackle them as you plan your wedding! So, welcome to Karen’s Corner: Guest Lists


Here are some of Karen’s Tips to Remember when designing your Guest List:


Decide on the number of people you can have


Notice we did not say WANT to have… when considering the actual number of people to invite to your wedding, think about the following things. 

  1. How many people can your venue actually hold? 
  2. What is your budget for catering/alcohol per person?


Considering both of these things are crucial to figuring out the correct number of people you CAN invite to the wedding


Make Lists!

It might seem harsh (but your guests will never know!!) but the best way to decide on a final guest list is making lists of people and their importance to you on whether or not they come to the wedding. 

  1. We recommend making one list that includes people you MUST have at your wedding
  2. After making the must have list, we recommend having a secondary list of people who you would like to have at the wedding but if costs or other factors don’t allow them to be there, you will be okay with it


Don’t let peer pressure affect your list!

Everyone involved in the wedding, including Mom and Dad and friends are going to give you opinions on who you need to invite. If you do not want to invite Dad’s buddy from high school that you have never met, you don’t have to. Also, do not feel obligated to invite people’s significant other’s if you do not want to. It is important to be able to cut where you need to and saying okay to other people’s requests is OKAY! Stand up for yourself and your dream guest list!


Need more tips? We love this article outlining even more guest list ideas from


Have questions for Karen? Let us know! She is always excited to chat wedding planning tips with couples! Send us a note or give us a call! We can’t wait to talk to you more and help you during your wedding planning journey.


Until then, Cheers to Love and Cheers to You!

The MM Team


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