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Enlightenment about Illumination

Tips and Advice

Photo Credit: Sophie Epton Photography 

Photo Credit: Sophie Epton Photography 

Using various lighting techniques can transform almost any space and is worth the splurge for your wedding reception venue. The correct lighting is highly impactful and allows you to spend less on the rest of your décor. Not to mention sparklers are an excellent photo opp! Before you jump into the lighting world, you may need to know the technical lingo.

Pin spotting is used to draw attention to a single feature; it is focused beams of white light to highlight elements making them stand out. This technique is widely used on the wedding cake or large table centerpieces.

Gobo or Go Before Optics, the technical term, is a stenciled design put over a light to project the design onto the wall, ceiling, or floor. Names of the bride and groom, their wedding date, and a symbol of marriage are some of the most common designs. Gobos are an added decorative personal touch to your wedding reception.

Photo Credit: Caroline Studios

Photo Credit: Caroline Studios

Color washing is used to set a mood or to change the look of a space. A blanket of light projects washes of color over an entire area. Numerous light colors can be cast to match the color scheme of the wedding for an intimate feel.

String lighting can use standard light bulbs or light emitting diode, LED, lights that can be hung, strung, and wrapped to create a glowing effect. String lights are most commonly used for an outdoor cocktail hour or reception.

You love candle light, but your venue has a “no open flame” policy. You want to string lights wrapped in the trees for your outdoor cocktail hour, but there is a lack of outlets making it difficult as well as expensive.  Lighting must match your venue as well as your budget. You may have to rent LED candles instead of open flame candles or have uplighting in the trees outdoors instead of the string lights. When speaking with your reception venue, ask which vendors they prefer working with for lighting. Working with a pro that is familiar with the reception venue’s lighting and power capabilities will save you time and possibly money. Check with the lighting designer and reception site to know restrictions before you get your heart set on a particular light setup.

Photo Credit: Jessica Scott Photography 

Photo Credit: Jessica Scott Photography 

Ma Maison has elegant string lighting along the trellis that creates a romantic glow for your outdoor cocktail hour. In our Grand Hall, we have lighting capabilities for your romantic wedding reception vision. Book your tour with Ma Maison to see your dream wedding come to life. 


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