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Elegant Wedding Trends for 2016


Elegance is timeless and it is never influenced by the changes in fashion or event design. And yet, taking a look at the latest wedding trends can inspire you in creating a marvelously beautiful, unique and truly elegant wedding day.

What are some of the latest and most elegant trends for 2015? Read on and find out more.

·         Metallic colors are taking over. 2016 brings metallic shades on everything wedding related. From invitations and stationery to the bridesmaids’ dresses and even the cake, metallic colors are everywhere this year. What’s more, they go beyond the gold and silver options and make a huge step into a beautiful rainbow of metallic shades (such as metallic purple, green or red).

·         Tone-on-tone. This year, wedding florals are inspired by the “freshly-picked” look – and they are truly charming this way. What’s more, florwer arrangements will come in simple, elegant tone-on-tone combinations that make everything look absolutely stylish.

·         Refracting the light. Beautiful chandeliers and crystals will also be a huge “hit” in 2016. They are amazing because they can refract the light and make your wedding décor look dreamy and luxurious – just as if it was torn out of a fairy tale!

·         Heritage foods. If your family has a special recipe you all love, why not incorporate it into your wedding menu? This will add sentimentalism and uniqueness to your entire wedding day – and your guests will surely love delighting themselves with your family’s culinary “secrets”.

Ma Maison is a stunning wedding venue ready to incorporate the freshest and most elegant wedding ideas of the year. Come visit us, allow yourself to be embraced by our timelessness and beauty and book us for the kind of wedding your guests will never forget! Give us a call and schedule your tour as soon as possible! 


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