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2023 Wedding Trends We Can’t Wait to See!


It’s a new year, which means there is new inspiration to be found while planning your upcoming wedding. Today we’re sharing some 2023 wedding trends that we are loving and can’t wait to share with you. Some of these trends have been tried and true and continue to remain popular; while others are a little more “out of the box” (telephone guest book, anyone?) Hopefully, this list sparks some creativity and interest – and we hope to see some Ma Maison couples bring these ideas to life this year!

Here are some of our favorite 2023 wedding trends!

Elevated Entertainment

Before you assume we mean an aerialist hanging from the ceiling (although, we aren’t ruling that out!), having elevated entertainment can mean having a live band. DJs are amazing, and we know some good ones! But we have to say, there is something very electric about the energy a live band brings to your wedding reception. They interact with the guests and it can feel like a concert – who doesn’t love that? Another thing to consider would be a performance of some kind (whether by one of your guests or a hired company). This could range to a choreographed dance routine, a belly dance, a bartender that serves mixed drinks hanging from a swing… the sky is the limit! 

2023 wedding trends blog showing live entertainment at wedding

Cottonwood Collective

live band playing at wedding in Austin Texas

Cottonwood Collective

live entertainment for 2023 wedding trends blog

The Bird and the Bear Photography

Private Last Dance

The sentimentality of a private last dance for the couple at the end of the night is incredibly romantic. This concept isn’t new, as we’ve seen it gain traction over the last few years, but we can tell you it’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere! How does it work? Once it’s time for your grand exit, your guests will exit the reception space and head to line up outside to see you off. While they’re getting lined up outside, your DJ or band will play one last song (usually one you choose ahead of time) for you to dance to, alone. Of course, your photographer will be there to capture every intimate moment, but other than that, it should feel like there’s no one else in the room! 

2023 wedding trends show a couple's private last dance at Texas wedding venue

The Bird and the Bear Photography

2023 wedding trends highlight private last dance

Mikayla C Photography

Intimate Ceremonies

If there’s one good thing that came from the pandemic era of weddings, it was the increase in intimate weddings. Of course, once restrictions were lifted and people began feeling more comfortable easing back into their normal way of living, most couples wanted to celebrate big! However, there are still some couples that prefer a smaller-scale ceremony. Another common term for this is a “micro wedding”. You can select one or two individuals to make up your wedding party, invite a few immediate family members, hire an officiant, get a bouquet made, and call it a day! With a smaller headcount, you open up more options for ceremony locations, too, which is a bonus!

2023 wedding trends blog shows intimate wedding ceremony at Austin wedding venue

Inbal Sivan Photography

Telephone Guest Book

This is one of the 2023 wedding trends we’re loving most, as it is so unique! There are companies where you can rent an old telephone (you know, NOT a smartphone), and your guests can leave a voice recording that will later be consolidated into a file for you to listen to for years to come! If you still love a traditional guest book, it doesn’t hurt to have one laying near the phone as well. But we think this concept is so fun and different!

Welcome Parties

You are more than likely having a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the day before your wedding, but have you considered a welcome party, too? This is a great concept if you’re wanting to keep your rehearsal dinner guest list on the more intimate side. Consider having a welcome party after the rehearsal dinner that is open to a larger guest list, or your entire guest list where you can mix and mingle with your guests the night before the wedding. Generally, there is a bar and perhaps some light appetizers or desserts. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a large event, it can certainly be more laid back and as minimal as you want it to be. The point is to be able to socialize with your guests on a deeper level, as you may not have the opportunity to do so on your wedding day.

What do you think? Do any of these 2023 wedding trends seem like something you’d try? If you’re looking for more event inspiration, check out this “Unique Reception Ideas” post. Happy planning!

Photos by:

Hannah Hagaman of Cottonwood Collective

Mikayla C Photos

Inbal Sivan Photography

The Bird and the Bear


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